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taonelle drabble #1

[a/n] jenelle told me to post, so i posted it here. sorry i had so much fun writing this shit ahahaha NO REGRETS

zitao knows of her ultimate love.

he sees her with it 24/7, during breakfast, during lunch, during dinner. the smell of it is strong and it stays, and he sort of smells her before he even sees her.

jenelle; with her bright sparkling eyes, whispers sweet nothings that zitao can only imagine into her One True Love(s). "babies," she proclaimed once to czarina proudly, holding one up in the air like a trophy. the huang zitao across the table sighs dreamily.

yifan smacks the back of his head. "why do you even like her, she's obssessed with weird shit," he hisses, "she and that czarina talks about it all day and all night long -- once, i even saw them talking about building a shrine for it. do you know how fucking crazy that it?"

yifan talks like it is a conspiracy, but it really is not. zitao frowns and attempts to balance a single fry on yifan's monobrow instead. "come on, that's cute," he says. he grins when he succeeds.

yifan should never dye his brows yellow, by the way.

zitao doesn't know when he started liking jenelle - nelle, as her self-proclaimed byuntaehood calls her - but he knows that her laughter squeezes his heart and her smiles make him want to hurl. he doesn't know her beyond that, he's too shy to ask. the romantic kungfu panda who takes scrolls on the beach by himself has been thoroughly defeated by a girl 2 whole heads shorter.

"what do i do to get her to at least talk to me," zitao flails wildly in his seat, face planted into his geometry textbook. sehun, the ever resourceful partner in crime, stops in his game of Minion Rush to help his pal out.

"well, since you know what she likes- loves, you can try working towards that direction," sehun says. zitao is still for all but 3 seconds until an idea clicks in his head and he gets up and running faster than he ever has before.

"thanks sehun i love you xoxo!" sehun only snickers at the lovestuck boy, who runs out of the room with geometry formulas imprinted on his right cheek.

d-day is here. zitao wipes his palms on his freshly pressed pair of jeans as he awaits for jenelle's arrival at the cafeteria. according to his observations (yes, merely observations), she will arrive with byuntaehood at 10.49am sharp. it's 10.48am, the clock is ticking slowly to the next minute and zitao can feel his heart getting swallowed up by the depths of anxiety and trepidation--

and then he spots her. amongst the nine beauties, she shines the most to him, wavy hair cascading down her shoulders, chatting animatedly with a byuntae beside her. her wild arm gestures as she narrates a particular incident serves no help to calm him.he spots her One True Love(s) in her hand. there is no time to waste.

"JENELLE!!!!" his voice echoes across the cafeteria. the whole place gradually quietens down, until the entire focus is on zitao.

jenelle is staring at zitao with googly eyes, her cheeks flushing a dark shade of red. zitao doesn't care, because this is his time to shine.

he walks towards her confidently, and the crowd parts for him as if he is moses in the red sea. when he reaches jenelle, he towers over her more than he has imagined.

she's trembling. but zitao means her no harm, and so his smile goes up by a few watts.he gently takes her One True Love(s) from her tightly clutched hands. and he tosses it backwards.

jenelle whimpers."my baby," she manages to croak out. "my beautiful, golden, fresh, delicious, uneaten baby."

zitao puts his hands reassuringly on her shoulders until she stops rocking on her heels on the spot. the rest of the byuntaehood gasps in utmost horror.

"have no worry," he says. whipping out another version of jenelle's so-called babies, he kneels to the ground.

"nelle," he starts, "i offer you thousands of floss breads. please stay with me forever, we will have floss breads everyday and i will not discriminate against the burnt, the golden, and the moldy."

jenelle takes zitao's floss bread (the most golden one she has ever seen) with eyes of admiration. "yes," she breathes, "yes we will migrate to floss bread kingdom HUZZAH!"

and they lived happily ever after with floss bread babies. the end.
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