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uberteol drabble #3

[a/n] I AM THE BEST. i swear to god that the only reason i can write these drabbles is because i don't even treat chanteol as chanyeol smh

Chanteol isn't sure what he's supposed to feel. He just finished a schedule in China and is coming back to South Korea on a flight that is hours long. He didn't sleep much on the plane either, because plane seats are as uncomfortable as shit and one can only sleep so much when Sehun and Baekhyun are playing hangman together while cursing in the seats next to him.

Maybe he's just tired. Who knows.

Chanteol feels like he's going to die soon; it takes him so much effort just to keep his eyes open. And he's pretty sure it doesn't just take him 16 muscles to smile that mega watt smile he gives to the screaming fans. Holy mama, all of you will you just calm down, your oppars aren't deaf.

Right now, as he trudges through the airport, squished in between the throng of hormonal fangirls, what he really wants is a cup of coffee. And maybe a mile energy bar. Yup, that would definitely keep him up for another day of exhausting schedules.

It's the smallest things that count, they say. And that is what Chanteol truly believes in when he arrives at the SM company building, head deeply buried by his parka hoodie, because he knocks into someone that he truly wants to snuggle up to right now.

She's small and tiny, but still feisty. As her eyes curve up into half moons, Jullien holds up a cup of coffee and a milo energy bar and winks at him. "I saw your airport photos, you looked like you needed some of these." She waves the two items as emphasis.

Chanteol stares down at her for a moment, in all seriousness, but cracks a grin and pats her on her head. "Thank you very much, Lien-ssi. I appreciate the effort." It doesn't even bother him that she probably stalked his pictures to know that he was tired.

With coffee in his right hand a energy bar in his left, Chanteol feels invincible. He feels like he's high in the clouds, and nothing could stop him. He feels loved.

Chanteol's pretty sure his energy doesn't come from whatever he eats or drinks, but from a certain tiny girl who radiates sunshine and unicorns and rainbows that has him bursting to the core with happiness.

After all, they don't call him the happy virus for nothing. Now you know why.
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