carrisauce (pleaseuu) wrote,

uberteol drabble #2

[a/n] this one actually has a title omg. hihi. i really like this one. maybe i'll turn it into a krisyeol fic. idk.

puppy crush, dog love

Puppy crushes are hard to get by, and Chanteol finds himself falling deeper and deeper into the hole he dug for himself.

It's only been months since they first met; their first encounter entirely by chance. Chanteol introduces himself by slamming into the vending machine on his right while Jullien raises her eyebrow in utter amusement.

"So I guess you're Chanteol, EXO's happy virus?" Her voice rings out pleasantly, and Chanteol finds himself nodding and bowing without thought. "You must be really sick to be banging into vending machines like this."

It takes a moment for the joke to sink in, but when it does, he bursts out laughing, because no one has ever said something as absurd as this to him before.

Anyway, he finds out that her name is Jullien Caesar (woah), she likes to ride one trick ponies into the sunset, and she cracks the lamest and coldest jokes ever. And says really ghei stuff like 69ever and etc.

But Chanteol likes her like that, because she often tells him "you're the only one who actually laughs at whatever I say" and "I like you just because" and he isn't even sure what kind of reason is because but he's 600% sure that Jullien Caesar is someone he really likes spending his free time with.

((And he also likes her just because))

This puppy crush is turning out to be more of a dog love, but it's okay; puppy crush, dog love, they're all the same as long as Jullien Caesar is his and doesn't get brutally stabbed by a guy named Brutus.

((Et tu, Brute?))
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