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uberteol drabble #1

[a/n] YES I WILL POST MY UBERTEOL DRABBLES HERE. i mean it's my personal journal, why not. i'm not even going to put it under a cut. basically, uberteol is uberchrome and chanteol (yes not chanyeol chanteol) because jullien is a dumb dumb who likes to spell stuff wrongly. at least now you know where i got my writing journal name from.

also, if you don't know singlish you might find this hard to understand hahaha

"Oi, chiobu, can you get me another pen ah? This pen bo ink liao."

Jullien freezes in her spot, blood draining from her face. Dammit, why did Chanteol call for her? She wasn't in charge of EXO-K. Weren't the boys briefed about this? Why is he making her life so hard when-

Faster leh! Got hear me or not?" He waves his marker which had already run dry at her direction and taps it on the table impatiently. Jullien sighs; she would just have to do it and face Chanteol, the fire-breathing dragon.

Quickly grasping onto a marker at the side, she makes her way to him, each step feeling heavier and heavier as she neared. Despite being afraid of him (she had heard countless stories of Chanteol being a rude dog that barked a lot), she couldn't help but admire his facial features. He really looked like someone fit for the stage.

"Um... Here's your marker. Don't let it dry again hor, we already no extra markers leh," Jullien forces herself to look straight into Chanteol's eyes. It takes her an immense amount of self-control to avoid drowning in his milky orbs.

"Oh, thank you veli much," he absentmindedly makes a grab for the marker, still tightly gripped in Jullien's clutches. She fee;s his long and slender fingers wrapping around her own, and is momentarily astonished at the close physical contact. Immediately, she draws back, fingers still burning hot from the dragon's touch, and promptly turns away, muttering "uhhh I need to go back to M's side kthxbai."

She doesn't notice the same pair of eyes staring at her as she walks away, though.

When the whole fansigning ends, Jullien is relieved. Working in a humid country like Singapore while having to maneuver around screaming fans isn't exactly cooling. By the end of everything she's soaked in sweat, tasting the salinity of her own hard work.

It's hot for a moment, and cooling in the next. Jullien's vision is darkened when something is draped over her head and effectively, her eyes as well. She quickly removes the object - a damp pink towel - and spins around to find the culprit.

She hitches her breath. And the world stops for that moment.

"Why are you so shocked at me huh," Chanteol grins, faking a hurt look afterwards. Jullien wants to punch the look off, just to see whether it's really Park Chanteol, number one fire-breathing dragon in front of her and not her vivid imagination. But her suspicion is confirmed when the towel in her hands is snatched away by the said guy.

He frowns at her, and with the damp towel, starts to dab her face gently. "Aiyo, you know hor, you look like you just bathed leh. Sibei wet can."

Jullien doesn't know how to reply, but her mouth is zipped shut and her legs are rooted to the spot because Park Chanteol is wiping her sweat on her face do you know how much of her feels have exploded by now.

It takes him awhile to finish. When he's done, Jullien quickly bows deeply to him. "Thank you thank you thank you ok I need to go liao bye bye." Hurriedly, she heads in the direction opposite of Chanteol, but a hand stops her from moving any further.

"Bye bye... Jullien-ssi."

The low whisper tickles her ears and send a tingle down her spine. I am so done.

She doesn't even look at him before she breaks into a run. Park Chanteol is ruining her motor skills when it's already bad enough, god dammit.

It isn't 'til much later then she wonders, how the hell did Chanteol even know my name?
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